Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mainstream Media’s Democratic Talking Points

Who are you going to believe—the mainstream media or your own lying eyes?

On Wednesday evening last week, Paul Ryan noted in his convention speech that though Obama had campaigned in 2008 that his administration would keep Ryan’s hometown GM plant open for a century to come—his administration allowed it close. The day following, lots of media outlets howled that this was a lie; and that the plant actually closed during Bush’s final days. In response to this nearly united outcry against Ryan’s comments, conservative websites posted links to contemporary newspapers that demonstrated that Ryan’s assertions were accurate. The next day, leftist media people were doubling down that Ryan had lied.  Radar Online claimed, “However, Ryan's speech was criticized because he inaccurately said that a General Motors auto plant in Janesville, Wisconsin closed under President Obama's watch, however, the plant actually closed in 2008 when Bush was in office.” I posted a comment on the Radaronline site that they were mistaken and should check their facts.  In response, a Millania Duprete defended the site by writing: “ALMA U R WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And thus we see the state of leftist political conversation. When confronted with facts, they respond by hyperventilating, accusing, and emphasizing with gazillions of exclamation points. It’s really a predictable response from those whose positions are factually or morally bankrupt.  The other response is to distort someone’s argument and hope for an indignant audience’s condemnation.   That was Michael Moore’s strategy in attempting to counter Clint Eastwood’s empty chair routine. On the Daily Beast,  Michael Moore, wrote, “They will know about the night a crazy old man hijacked a national party's most important gathering so he could literally tell the president to go do something to himself (i.e. f***  himself)”  Clearly, Michael Moore doesn’t quite understand what the word literally means; and equally clearly, he either did not witness Eastwood’s presentation or was all too willing to lie about it. Similarly, Politico’s first version of its report on the Eastwood affair claimed Eastwood told the President to “shut up”--as Fox News also falsely claimed.  Eastwood simply did not tell the President to either literally or figuratively do anything to himself; and anyone who watched the speech recognizes that fact.

This brings me to the point that should have been obvious to anyone who watched the GOP convention. The media bent over backwards to suppress and misrepresent the GOP message.  The Wednesday lineup of speakers included articulate and accomplished women and minorities whose remarks rarely or only briefly found their way to broadcast audiences. Condi Rice got 5 minutes on CBS, N.M. Latina Governor Susana Martinez, and African American Mayor Mia Love’s comments were effectively suppressed by the media.  Unless people searched for these speeches after the fact on youtube, they would hardly notice how many first generation American minorities had become leaders in the Republican Party. I’ll be you didn’t hear that Mia Love  got a standing ovation. You probably did hear that an African American CNN camerawoman was insulted by a couple of racists at the convention, though.  I’ll bet the insult story is entirely bogus. Listen to Susana Martinez—a woman who was on Romney’s short list for VP.  Of course, compare and contrast the former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice’s with any of those offered this week at the Dem’s soiree this week.

In addition to the media’s efforts to suppress the presence of immigrant minorities in the leadership of the GOP, viewers were feted with pundits who couldn’t help but reiterate Democratic talking points as Obama’s most inveterate apologists. NBC’s Tom Brokaw’s angry accusations following Rice’s comments were something to behold.

Brokaw, however, was mild compared to the buffoons at MSNBC. Honestly, how those morons manage to keep getting a paycheck is beyond me.  Much like Ms. Duprete above, Matthews, O’Donnell and others have had to retreat to distortion and nonsense for whoever is dim enough to pay attention to their hysteria. If Republicans mention anything against Obama or his administration—Chicago, golf, or broccoli, they’re racists. Clearly, the only responses available to people who have no facts or morals at hand.


Blogger Komsomoletz said...

Hooray, you're back! I hope you didn't have to re-watch any of those pundits. It was hard enough the first time...

9/4/12, 4:50 PM  
Blogger Lynnette said...

The more exclamation points you can insert after a statement, the more valid your point. I think I learned that in a diversity class some where...

9/9/12, 9:41 PM  

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